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17 December 2014 | 0

Fujitsu has released PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop, a new dedicated solution that enables users to harness Big Data and start taking advantage of actionable analytics.

Actionable analytics from existing and selected external data sources are becoming more and more of a business critical factor, said Fujitsu, and the new PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop integrated system provides an easier gateway to Big Data, which supports the company’s stated focus on helping customers to create more business-centric data centres.

Fujitsu said that it is targeting finance, IT management and marketing business units as the functional areas within companies across all industries that are most likely to gain from process improvement through the use and exploitation of Big Data. Through integrating Datameer’s analytics application, Fujitsu is enabling users to start tapping into Big Data without needing to involve IT staff in setting up complex and time-consuming processes.

The PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop appliance is described as a powerful, scalable platform for Big Data which combines the convenience of pre-configured and pre-tested hardware with the economic advantages of open source software.

“Management of Big Data is an increasing priority for Irish companies,” said Kenneth Keogh, Director of Business Development, Fujitsu Ireland. “The sector is growing at an estimated 40% a year worldwide and here in Ireland it has been identified as a key sector in the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs. We are therefore delighted to introduce the PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop Big Data appliance to the Irish market. The appliance offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to leverage new possibilities in Big Data without traditional complex IT processes and high costs.”

PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop was developed to simplify and tame Big Data, according to the maker. The dedicated all-in-one hardware cluster is designed to integrate with existing hardware infrastructures, introducing distributed parallel processing based on Cloudera Enterprise Hadoop. This is an open-source software framework which gathers, processes and analyses data from various sources, then puts together and presents the big picture on how to act on the information gathered.

Fujitsu provides users with access to extensive, end-to-end strategic consulting capabilities in maximising the effectiveness of Big Data, analytics and Hadoop. Users also benefit from Fujitsu integration and maintenance, plus system support and lifecycle management services.

In order to simplify Big Data concepts and streamline project implementations, Fujitsu has created a European based Big Data centre of expertise that will help customers gain the full benefits of Big Data projects, and offers a range of PRIMEFLEX integrated systems to achieve this, including the In-Memory-Data Grid solution PRIMEFLEX for Terracotta BigMemory and the In-Memory Database solution PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA.

Fujitsu is offering different versions of PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop, such as versions optimised for storage-intensive tasks, as well as processing-intensive tasks. Solutions are packaged into complete systems with a single part number.


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