Flexible working trend calls for flexible telephony to match

John McDonnell, Ripplecom

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17 April 2019 | 0

The need, and demand, for flexible working conditions is increasing. The Future Jobs Ireland 2019: Preparing Now for Tomorrow’s Economy framework has committed the Government to a national consultation on the extension of flexible working options to all employees. Last year, the organisers of the Grow Remote conference estimated that there are around 216,000 people working remotely in Ireland.

Even if a business does not have a specific remote working policy, many other companies are realising the advantages of greater employee flexibility. It makes little sense to tether teams to the office when the desk phone can now follow them wherever they need to be to work productively.

That is why Ripplecom developed ‘Spica’, a hosted voice service for business. Spica allows staff to work from anywhere, while routing their calls to them. Calls made from the home appear as if they were made from an office extension.




Spica is Ripplecom’s very own cloud-based voice service for business. Developed in-house by our team of engineers, we believe Spica delivers superior service, value and security, backed by technical expertise. Our background as an ISP and our engineers’ knowledge of networking means that Spica is much more secure than many other VoIP systems.

Our background in connectivity and networking allows us to consider voice holistically to deliver a better experience for businesses. A VoIP system does not stand alone; it relies on the underlying connection for both performance and security.

Spica is founded on four pillars of security, resilience, support and cost savings. Spica routes customer traffic directly through Ripplecom’s core network via private interconnects with trusted upstream partners, so it’s protected from online threats. In terms of resilience, Spica is highly robust when combined with our award-winning Orion autofailover technology. These features address customers’ biggest concerns about having their telephone system in the cloud.

“A VoIP system does not stand alone; it relies on the underlying connection for both performance and security,” John McDonnell, Ripplecom

By installing Orion alongside VoIP telephony, customers get full system redundancy and guaranteed continuity, so they never miss an important call. In addition, as a fully hosted service, customers don’t need to maintain any on premise hardware or software for their phone system as Ripplecom takes care of all that, including software upgrades, within their private cloud. All support is included as standard without the need to pay for separate contracts. As a Voice over IP service, Spica could save businesses significant costs on hardware, line rental and call rates.

Customers get access to our network operations centre and we have a team of field engineers to deploy out to their premises if needed. This support applies to proactive management as well as fault handling. Although most customers can easily manage Spica’s functionality themselves, they can always contact us for help.

With Orion and now with Spica, we are putting enterprise-class technology in the hands of businesses of all sizes. A segment of the market that telecoms providers traditionally consider as ‘small’ businesses – which could be anything up to 200 employees – can get all the functionality that larger companies enjoy at a much more manageable cost.

To find out more visit www.ripplecom.net

John McDonnell is managing director of Ripplecom

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