Flender plans 23 new jobs for Dublin

Pictured: Oli Kavanagh, Jeremy Davies Betancourt and Kristjan Koil, Flender



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19 December 2016 | 0

Flender has announced plans to add 23 jobs to its Dublin base following the official launch of its peer-to-peer lending platform in January.

Flender helps businesses and consumers borrow and lend money through an app that ties into social network connections.

Flender is the creation of technology entrepreneurs Kristjan Koik, Oli Cavanagh and Jeremy Davies, whose previous start-ups include, medical collaboration platform DocLink and Instacoach, a video analysis platform for sportspeople.

“The social lending market among friends, family and business connections has never been formalised, which is crazy when you consider that this is a market worth over €3 billion a year in Ireland and the UK,” said managing director Kristjan Koik.

“Asking people you know for money – and lending to them – is an awkward thing to do and is certainly an unreliable means of finance. Whether it’s to fund further study, grow a business, or to finance home improvements, Flender will let people borrow from and lend to others with whom they have a connection, much more easily and much more reliably.

“For individuals, there is the satisfaction of helping others while earning more interest than a standard savings account. Businesses too can have access to funds faster, at very flexible rates, so everyone wins.”

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