Five ways to impress at a job interview

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20 October 2017 | 0

Want to impress at Interviews? Try these five tips from

1. You are the Product
Get your mindset right. An interview is a selling mission and you are the product.  You should be pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable and professional, that goes without saying. However, this is no time to be modest. You need to tell the interviewer about your achievements and your accomplishments.

2. Know your CV
Know your CV and know every detail of your career history. Interviewers will base some of their questions around what you’ve written in your CV. So, make sure you know it well and can back up every statement with real life examples from your working life.

3. Focus on topics not questions
Don’t spend too much time trying to anticipate the exact questions you may be asked. Instead, look at the job description and the write down six or eight key topics that you think you will be asked about. Think carefully and in detail of two situations which you were involved in under each chosen topic.  By doing so you are refreshing your memory in advance of the interview. It means when you are asked about your skills and experiences your answers will be immediate, concise, and most of all, credible.

4.  Know your interviewer
As far as possible find out who will be interviewing you. If the appointment is through a recruiter ask them. They will usually advise or at least find out if they are not sure. They will want to see you do well as it’s in their interest that you do. Knowing who you will be meeting will help you in your preparation.

5. Take notes
After the interview, write down the main points raised and the questions asked all while it’s still clear in your mind.
If you get called back for a second interview a week or two later you will thank yourself for making these notes. It will help prepare you as what you recorded will be a clear pointer to the main concerns that have and their areas of particular interest. icon
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