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Fifteen sales jobs to be created as Pure Telecom signs up with DSM

Alan McGonnell and Paul Connell, Pure Telecom with James Edinborough, DSM

8 June 2017

Broadband provider Pure Telecom has signed a €1.75 million two-year deal with sales agency DSM. The deal will allow DSM to recruit 15 field sales representatives tasked with growing Pure Telecom’s business with a focus on rural Ireland.

“This deal is part of our nationwide push to bring broadband to a lot more people and households in rural Ireland,” said Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom.

“We work very closely with some of Ireland’s major wholesale providers and want to ensure that we are there as soon as the broadband is. “Part of that means having an increased presence of sales representatives and we are very confident that this deal with DSM will play a significant role in helping us to grow our business and footprint outside of the major cities.

“We have already seen a significant uptake in broadband services in the areas that are being served by private and government-funded fibre rollouts and we are committed to playing our part in increasing those numbers.

“What we have found interesting is that as more people become connected to broadband, the fixed line is making a comeback. A few years ago most people thought that the smartphone would see the demise of the landline and we prepared ourselves for that, but instead we are seeing huge demand for it. The National Broadband Plan will only serve to increase that demand.”

James Edinborough, CEO, DSM, said: “Broadband across Ireland still has a long way to go, but we look forward to helping Pure Telecom roll out the much-needed service across the country.

“Our relationship with Pure Telecom spans many years and we are delighted to have signed another deal with them. We look forward to providing Pure Telecom with the best in class sales support to help it continue on its impressive growth path.”

Pure Telecom has more than 45,000 residential customers and has plans to more than raise it to 100,000 by the end of 2019.

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