Fexco partnership to add dynamism to Hong Kong Airlines online presence

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26 August 2015 | 0

Irish fintech company Fexco has announced a collaboration with AsiaPay to provide Hong Kong Airlines with a dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and multi-currency pricing (MCP) solution.

Through Fexco’s MCP platform, the passenger selects products such as airline tickets and car rentals and make payments in their own currency.

Denis Cleary, managing director, Fexco DCC, said: “The integration of Fexco’s MCP technology into the Hong Kong Airline’s system brings significant benefits to both the airline and to the passenger. The solution delivers a more customised shopping experience for the passenger, simultaneously creating a risk-free opportunity to generate increased revenue for the airline.”

Joseph Chan, CEO, AsiaPay, added: “We are proud to implement this new, real-time currency conversion service to Hong Kong Airlines together with Fexco. Being leading ePayment service player in Asia, we understand and strive to address the ever-changing consumer needs for more user-friendly, safe and convenient way to pay for online travel services.”

Fexco employs more than 2,000 people across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America.

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