Fastcom upgrades transmission sites in North West

Lorrain Gribbons, Fastcom
Lorrain Gribbons, Fastcom



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20 November 2017 | 0

Broadband provider Fastcom is in the process of an upgrade of its wireless network – increasing speeds for its customers to a minimum of 12Mb/s.

To date, the company has upgraded its facilities at eight transmission sites across the North West: six in Sligo, one in Leitrim and one in Donegal.

The upgrades will see Fastcom’s basic broadband package double from up to 6Mb/s to up to 12Mb/s. Customer already on 12Mb/s packages will get speeds up to 20Mb/s.

The availability of the upgrades is based on signal strength and distance from the transmission site. Existing customers can be upgraded automatically, based on eligibility.

“[Fastcom’s] focus has always been on delivering high speed broadband to the island of Ireland, in particular to its surrounding areas in the North West. With ongoing changes in the National Broadband Plan and its rollout, Fastcom’s commitment to its customers remains undeterred,” said Lorraine Gribbons, managing director, Fastcom (pictured).

“Over the past two years, we have invested €100,000 on the physical upgrading of the wireless networks, installing more powerful equipment on our transmitter sites… As always with broadband, it is impossible to guarantee higher speeds for all customers as it does depend on the area they are located in and the distance from the transmission site. However, if anyone wants to check if their home is covered by the upgrade, they can contact us at our offices and we can investigate it for them.”

In 2016, Fastcom became a reseller of fibre-to-the-cabinet and fibre-to-the-home connectivity under the Fastcom Fibre offering, providing speeds of up to 1Gb/s.

“We have seen significant growth in our national fibre offering over the past 12 months. We believe this is down to a combination of our unlimited data usage and ongoing commitment to our customers. In recent months, we have seen 25% of our new sign ups from outside the North West and this is something we are planning on growing consistently in the future. We see it that there is no reason why we cannot have customers all over the country.”

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Sligo, Fastcom serves 2,000 business and residential customers across Ireland, the UK, Europe, and the US.

Its customer base is primarily located in the North West and ranges in size from the residential users to large indigenous and multinational organisations including government, healthcare, retail, logistics, and education.

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