Facebook sponsors F1 in Schools engineer of the future award

Social network backs STEM efforts at second level
Quintolux, winners of F1 in Schools 2020

6 April 2021

F1 in Schools Ireland is launching a new award for participating students: The Facebook Engineer of the Future Award.

The award recognises an outstanding individual with excellent technical skills, teamwork and communication abilities as demonstrated throughout their participation in the F1 in Schools programme. The winner will be selected after a series of interviews and judging sessions.

F1 in Schools is a global science and technology challenge which involves teams of three-to-six students manufacturing a 1:20 scale Formula One car using advanced engineering tools, with cars reaching speeds of over 100km/h as they race down a 20 metre track.




Teams compete at a regional and national level to win the chance to represent Ireland at the F1 in Schools World Finals, scheduled to take place in Singapore this October.

National director of F1 in Schools Ireland Aaron Hannon said: “Our role within the education system in Ireland is to provide young people with opportunities to explore science and engineering in a whole new way, and illuminate the pathways to careers in science and technology.

“By partnering with Facebook, we can continue to show young people the scale of the opportunities available to them in the STEM field. It’s particularly exciting for us to be launching the Facebook Engineer of the Future Award – the brainchild of a collaboration between us and the Facebook team – which will allow us to recognise and elevate top engineering talent in Ireland.”

For more information visit www.f1inschools.ie.

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