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    Certificate in Emerging Digital Technologies


    The last 12  months has seen a rapid acceptance of technology as a key enabler for businesses to survive and scale. The challenge faced by the majority of decision makers is attempting to understand which of the technologies will beneficially impact their business and deliver value to their bottom line.

    The Certificate in Digital Emerging Technologies gives students a better understanding of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and cyber security, amongst others, to empower you to make better business decisions while adding new knowledge to your individual learning portfolio.

    The course is taught over one semester and is delivered completely online through both synchronous and asynchronous directed activities using state-of-the-art technologies and teaching techniques to support the virtual classroom. Asynchronous directed activities consist of short videos, recommended reading and tutorial exercises. Students are expected to engage with this content each week before their live class to build an understanding and to prompt questions.

    For more information visit https://www.ictskillnet.ie/training/foundations-certificate-in-artificial-intelligence/

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