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    Changing the way we live, work & play: Global data in 2020



    Data. Devices. Data Centres. All have had a huge impact on our lives and none more so than in this upending year thanks to a pandemic and global lockdowns. The way we live, work and play has changed – possibly forever.

    Host in Ireland’s penultimate webinar of 2020 will reflect on data and technology, where we’ve been and where we are likely to go.

    The moderator will be Dr Julie Albright, a digital sociologist renowned for being a thought leader on the growing intersection of society, behaviour and technology. Joining Dr Albright will be Garry Connolly, founder of Host in Ireland; Buddy Rizer, executive director of economic development for Loudon County, Virginia; and Omer Wilson, head of marketing APAC at Digital Realty for a global perspective on data trends and their impact on technology worldwide.

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