eSentire uses gamification in security awareness training

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8 July 2016 | 0

Training Day from eSentire is an adaptive, gamified, and fully-mobile security awareness training solution that aims to arm employees against social engineering, spear-phishing and more.

Such training is an effective way to increase knowledge across an organisation’s employee base, says eSentire. While other cybersecurity training providers offer ineffective, ‘one and done’ basic curricula with simple analytics that do not recognise differing skill sets among learners, or the time-strapped modern worker. eSentire argues that its microlearning foundation for Training Day directly addresses the issues with traditional approaches for cybersecurity training, ensuring employees retain the knowledge they gain by exposing them to topics multiple times a week instead of just once. This, it says, enables companies to focus on improving knowledge for all employees, regardless of existing knowledge gaps, an individual’s preferred learning pace or location.

The platform is provided online and in small bursts to ensure it does not disrupt daily duties, with sessions lasts 3-5 minutes where individuals can learn at their own pace. Employees pass the module after answering a number of questions correctly. The solution keeps employees engaged through gamification, rewarding them for outstanding results. In addition to tracking traditional metrics, such as participation, grades, and progress, eSentire said Training Day’s focus on sustained knowledge gives it the unique ability to measure knowledge improvements across the organisation, with the ability to drill down to an individual employee.

“Today’s employees are inherently busy and have different knowledge bases and skill sets, which is why traditional online cybersecurity training solutions don’t cut it,” said Mark McArdle, CTO, eSentire. “eSentire Training Day recognizes and helps overcome these obstacles by tracking an employee’s existing knowledge on a topic and automatically adapting the learning experience to help them achieve mastery. This will effectively help organisations move beyond simply achieving a ‘pass’ in compliance, to an ‘A+’ on the bigger picture – improving their overall security posture.”

According to the makers, Training Day’s key differentiators include an extensive curriculum with 11 cybersecurity modules. It is built for the busy users, as microlearning provides small, salient nuggets of learning content in short bursts, several times per week, instead of a traditional “boot-camp” session, which overloads employees with information in a short period of time. The solution can develop as knowledge grows, and recognised learning theories and adaptive technology provide the foundation for the platform, ensuring the modern employee not only learns about cybersecurity, but retains that knowledge for continued use in daily work.

The learning is fun and engaging, says eSentire, with built-in games, rewards, and achievements to fuel employee participation. It is always available – ready whenever and wherever employees are ready to learn via the desktop, a browser and mobile apps.

Finally, analytics and reports provide real-time insights into how employees cybersecurity knowledge is improving and more importantly, protecting the business.


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