Equinix SmartKey for cloud encryption management

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14 March 2018

In response to the increasing adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud environments by many organisations, Equinix has developed a software as a service encryption and key management service called SmartKey.

Citing Global Interconnection Index figures which say that over the next three years, there will be a 50% growth in the traffic capacity needed by enterprises to directly connect with and exchange data across, multiple clouds, IT providers and third-party network destinations, Equinix saw a need to provide encryption and key management services that securely host encryption keys separate from, but in close proximity to, the data located across networks, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

SmartyKey, says Equinix, is uniquely positioned to improve security, eliminate the need for specialised hardware, improve management across multiple, disparate regions, countries and partners, and provide key controls in the same geographic regions or countries in support of data sovereignty and regulatory requirements.

The vendor said SmartKey is its latest step in a series of adjacent coverage, connectivity and service initiatives that it will deliver via the evolution of Platform Equinix to meet requirements in a hybrid, multi-cloud world.

“When implemented as a part of an Interconnection Oriented Architecture(IOA) strategy, SmartKey enables security and data professionals to achieve a globally consistent end-to-end encryption strategy with central control over access, latency, compliance and performance,” said Equinix.

The key management and cryptography SaaS uses Intel SGX technology, and is powered by Fortanix’s next-generation HSM, featuring Fortanix Runtime Encryption technology to ensure the privacy of keys. It provides security policy enforcement at the edge to improve corporate governance and provide optimal performance

“Digital transformation efforts by enterprises and service providers alike are moving more data and systems to the cloud,” said Christina Richmond, programme vice president, Worldwide Security Services, IDC, “pushing an ever-increasing amount of sensitive enterprise and customer data to be stored in multi-tenant, shared computing and storage environments. This trend is being driven by data sovereignty requirements like GDPR, creating demand for secure data localisation solutions like key management-as-a-service offerings such as Equinix SmartKey.”

“As Equinix continues to evolve our global platform with the addition of new products and services, we are delivering increasing value to companies by easing their shift to digital and the hybrid multi-cloud,” said Brian Lillie, chief product officer, Equinix. “SmartKey is the first of several emerging services we plan to introduce in the coming months. Our commitment is to deliver new and customer-inspired products and services that provide increasing value to customers and enable them to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything through a globally consistent data centre and interconnection platform.”


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