Jakarta EE: Enterprise Java’s new name

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27 February 2018 | 0

The Eclipse Foundation’s enterprise Java platform will be called Jakarta EE, which was the favourite of voters in a recent poll.

With 6,959 responses tallied, Jakarta pulled in 64.4% of the votes, far exceeding the other choice, Enterprise Profile. A new name had to be chosen because Java EE (Enterprise Edition), the longstanding name of the platform, remains an Oracle trademark.

Permission to use the Jakarta EE trademark will be contingent upon technologies passing a compatibility program, which has yet to be developed. The program will be run by EE.Next, Eclipse’s working group for enterprise Java.

The two candidate names were selected after the foundation had taken nominations for a new name. The Apache Software Foundation, which has its own Jakarta project for Java technologies, is OK with Eclipse using the name, the foundation said.


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