Enet delivers connectivity boost to Cork Internet Exchange

Conal Henry, enet
Conal Henry, enet



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20 April 2017 | 0

Enet has boosted Cork’s attractiveness as a business location by providing unlimited connectivity to Cork Internet Exchange (CIX).

Responsible for managing the high-speed fibre infrastructure of the state’s metropolitan area networks (MANs), enet is linking CIX, the hub for both inbound and outbound traffic in the region, to its backup and disaster recovery location at the National Software Centre, also in Cork.

The new connection ensures that Cork city can meet all local market demand for fast and secure connectivity, while providing geographic diversity between the two sites to offer protection against potential disruption.

“CIX requires fast, reliable connectivity to its backup and disaster recovery capability located at the NSC,” said CEO Jerry Sweeney. “This new circuit satisfies that requirement. This connection enables us to grow to meet customer requirements while simultaneously keeping traffic on our private network, thus ensuring data protection. Coupled with the arrival of Hibernia Express and INEX Cork at CIX, this new enet connectivity further enhances our position in the market.”

Conal Henry, CEO, enet said: “We understand the huge economic benefit that data centres have on regional Ireland in terms of attracting hi-tech and multinational business to cities like Cork. Our provision of infinite capacity to CIX means the area has world-class connectivity and facilities that allow it to compete on a global level. This is hugely beneficial for CIX as it futureproofs its footprint.”

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