EMR keeps Enerco Energy trading with comms upgrade

Alan Feenan, sales director with EMR Integrated Solutions

Infrastructure upgrade completed at 15 onshore windfarms



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28 October 2020 | 0

EMR Integrated Solutions has completed a communications infrastructure upgrade at 15 onshore windfarms for renewable energy provider, Enerco Energy.

Stretching from Cork to Mayo, the upgrade provides a secure, robust and resilient communications network allowing Enerco’s energy trading desk to have ‘always on’ access to reliable windfarm data and meet its regulatory reporting requirements to grid operator, EirGrid.

EMR performed a discovery exercise at each windfarm and issued a set of network design recommendations, based on telecoms availability at each site.  Fully redundant satellite backup links with automatic failover were deployed, mitigating the risk of network downtime. 




A multi-layered information security solution was also configured, protecting the integrity of sensitive trading data as it traverses the internet.

“Enerco Energy leans on the EMR team for the depth of its IT and networking skills,” said Alan Feenan, director of communications sales, EMR. “We’re Enerco’s eyes and ears and they trust us implicitly with their most commercially sensitive data.”

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