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EMR boosts airside safety with emergency system at Dublin Airport

Partnership with CLH Aviation provides real-time, remote status of emergency fuel shut down enclosures
L-R: Rioch Farrelly, CLH Aviation Ireland, Mark Quinn, EMR and Dean Reardon, EMR

16 August 2019

Airside safety at Dublin airport is set to improve as EMR Integrated Solutions introduce an airside emergency fuel shut down system.

EMR is a SCADA network and mobile telecommunications supplier.

Now, staff can immediately cut jet fuel supply to the underground fuel hydrant if there is an accidental release of fuel at aircraft stands.




Eight emergency shut down enclosures are located in pier four. Sixteen mobile fuel support vehicles have been fitted with same. Each enclosure has an emergency button connected to a Motorola radio. When triggered, it sends a signal back to SCADA, in the CLH operations centre. Fuelling valves are immediately shut off.

The system provides remote, real-time status reports on emergency enclosures, which negates the need for manual checks by airside staff.

Staff at CLH operations can view the power status of each enclosure. They can also test the enclosures and hydrant support vehicles without interfering with the live system or flight schedules.

As part of a 20-year contract, CLH Aviation, plans to build an underground fuel hydrant pipeline to serve piers one and three. With pier four now complete, aircrafts can be fuelled airside, accelerating turn-around times.

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