EirGrid: 70% of Ireland’s electricity will be renewable by 2030

Part of its five-year strategy to transform Ireland’s electricity system

26 September 2019

EirGrid Group in planning for 70% of all Irish electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. This is part of the company’s €2 billion five-year strategy to transform the country’s electricity system.

The state-owned electric power transmission operator develops and operates the national electricity grid.

Energy will come from a combination of onshore and offshore wind and solar sources.




To generate the additional 10,000 megawatts of renewable energy needed to realise the goal, Ireland’s power system must be upgraded. Our current output is 5,000 megawatts.

The company can operate the grid at any given time with up to 65% of renewable power, including onshore wind and solar. By 2030, this must increase to 95%. To facilitate this, the grid’s infrastructure will have to be stronger and more flexible.

Climate Action Plan

Mark Foley, CEO, EirGrid Group said that the strategy is a “direct response to the significant but necessary challenges we have been set in the government’s Climate Action Plan. The need to respond to the climate change crisis is a priority and the knock-on benefits will be considerable. It’s shaped by the rapid evolution of the electricity sector and it’s aims are reflected in our new statement of purpose; transforming the power system for future generations.”

“EirGrid Group is responsible for managing the flow of electricity around the island. The coming years will see the most radical transformation of the system since the advent of electricity and will provide people with the clean energy they need. EirGrid will develop the infrastructure and operational requirements to facilitate this shift.”

Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment Richard Bruton said:We can only break the grip of fossil fuels by building major new renewable capacity. EirGrid must ensure that our power is safe, secure and reliable as we convert more and more users in transport, in homes, and in enterprise to clean energy. But EirGrid must also accommodate much more distributed sources of generation, large and small, and help to promote smart and secure use of power.”

“Our goal will be to achieve the required increase in renewable energy while minimising new infrastructure,” Foley added. “And as always, we will pursue these changes without impacting on the reliability of the electricity system. System interconnection – such as the proposed new North South, Celtic and Greenlink interconnectors – is a key part of this goal.”

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