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Eir Business’ IoT service leverages Asavie platform

Bill Archer, left, eir Business, with Ralph Shaw, Asavie.

25 February 2016

Enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions company Asavie has provided the basis for IoT Connect, eir Business’ new IoT service.

The new service can be used by companies, large or small, across multiple areas, such as healthcare, transport, manufacturing, to connect field assets to the Internet, and ultimately collect real-time, intelligent data to optimise the design and delivery of products and services. IoT Connect, is built on Asavie PassBridge, an IoT connectivity platform designed to enable telecom providers to deliver highly scalable and secure SIM-based M2M connectivity solutions.

IoT Connect provides businesses with cellular mobile connectivity (including global roaming), an online self-care portal to manage IoT assets and a choice of private or internet-based network solutions. Coupled with the reach of the eir mobile network, as well as its analytic tools, IoT Connect enables businesses to efficiently gain the intelligence needed to drive innovation and improve business decisions.

“We are delighted to partner with Asavie to deliver IoT services nationwide,” said Bill Archer, managing director, eir Business. “Together with Asavie, eir Business makes managing connected devices easier than ever, so businesses can focus on, collecting their data, refining their applications and ultimately building a better service for their customers.”

“We are delighted to partner with eir Business to deliver its IoT Connect solution,” said Ralph Shaw, CEO, Asavie. “To compete in today’s IoT driven economy, connectivity and the ability to securely manage the vast amounts of data transacted between devices is of paramount importance. eir’s IoT Connect, enables enterprises to confidently deploy and scale their M2M projects by securely managing their connection to the Internet.”

Asavie has also partnered with EMC in the INFINITE IoT testbed. The company’s PassBridge IoT Connectivity Platform underpins the INFINITE IoT innovation platform testbed, led by EMC and Vodafone Ireland.

Established by EMC, in partnership with Vodafone, the INFINITE testbed plays a key role in enabling innovation, insights and business opportunities for Industrial IoT developments across a wide range of industries in Europe.

Asvaie said that PassBridge delivers the underlying connectivity platform for the INFINITE testbed enabling companies to test machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT projects across mobile cellular networks prior to scaling into production.

Asavie is now a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the organisation that catalyses and coordinates the priorities of enabling technologies of the Industrial Internet. INFINITE is the first large-scale IIC-approved industrial IoT innovation platform in Europe.

Dr Richard Soley, executive director, IIC, welcomed Asavie’s membership, and participation.

“Their involvement with INFINITE is a great example of how an IoT connectivity platform represents a critical element of the infrastructure necessary to enable reliable and trustworthy solutions for the hyper-connected industries, characteristic of the industrial Internet of Things,” said Dr Soley.




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