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Eclipse enterprise Java is due in September 2019

Eclipse says Jakarta EE 8 will be fully compatible with Java EE 8, with better cloud and microservices support slated for future versions
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19 July 2019

Jakarta EE 8, an Eclipse Foundation implementation of enterprise Java that promises to be fully compatible with Java Enterprise Edition 8, is expected to arrive September 10, 2019. Eclipse has made the Jakarta EE platform specifications available on GitHub.

The foundation reported progress this week on Jakarta TCK (Technology Compatiblity Kit) JobsJakarta Specification Project Names, and Jakarta Specification Scope Statements. The TCK 1.0 process document is expected to be completed in the near future. This document will cover aspects such as the materials a TCK must have in order to be considered suitable for providing portability, the process for challenging tests, and resolving them.

Several dozen projects have been included in the Jakarta EE effort including the GlassFish application server and the Jakarta TCK. Future plans for Jakarta EE include better integration with cloud native technologies including Docker and Kubernetes and better support for microservices. The Jakarta EE 9 release could include technologies such as JavaServer Faces 3.0 and EE Security 1.1.




Eclipse took over development of enterprise Java in 2017 from Oracle. It was reported in May 2019 that Eclipse had failed to gain permission to use Java specification trademarks from Oracle. Eclipse denied that this meant the end of Jakarta EE, but Eclipse has been unable to modify the javax package namespace. A foundation specification committee has not yet reached a consensus on proceeding regarding Oracle’s restrictions. 

Additionally, Eclipse is seeking copyright licenses from all past contributors to EE specifications under the Java Community Process. This is sought to ensure Eclipse has the rights to evolve specifications under the foundation’s own process.

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