Do we need another stripped-down version of Windows? Microsoft apparently thinks so

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From the same developers that gave you Windows RT and Windows 10 in S Mode, comes Lite



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4 December 2018 | 0

Both the people who make PCs and the people who use them have repeatedly shown that they prefer a full-featured version of Windows. Nevertheless, Microsoft appears to be developing a stripped-down Windows for those who have never experienced the real thing.

According to Petri, Microsoft is developing an OS that’s currently called ‘Lite’ (not Windows Lite, just Lite). And it might not actually be Windows. The target? America’s youth, whose introduction to computing in increasingly in the guise of Google’s Chromebooks. Similarly, Lite would be limited to running Progressive Web Apps and apps released in the Microsoft Store.

If this sounds familiar, it could be because Microsoft has made at least two previous attempts at stripped-down versions of Windows: Windows RT and the more recent Windows 10 in S Mode, aka Windows 10 S. In both cases, PC makers and consumers passed them over for Windows 8 and Windows 10, respectively.

Isn’t it time to give it up?
Windows RT, Microsoft’s last attempt at a lightweight operating system, had its fans and it looks like Windows 10 in S Mode should occupy a similar space and even be a worthy competitor to Google’s Chrome.

Historically, however, no one seems quite happy with where the line is drawn between the two. Some users can accept that Microsoft wants to limit the number of available apps to those its teams can approve and publish – unless it happens to be the one utility they personally depend on. And gamers have long griped about the heavy compromises demanded by the locked-down Microsoft Store apps.

What makes the resistance to Microsoft’s initiatives so frustrating is Microsoft’s motivation. Kids don’t care that much about what operating system they use, though they probably would like to use the same operating system they play Fortnite on. There’s no real reason that they can’t use a ‘school’ operating system, then come home to a ‘home’ PC.

Is Lite real? We can’t know for sure. But remember, Microsoft’s next-generation Surface Hub 2 will ship in an initial version, then transition to a modular, next-generation experience a good indication that something like Lite is waiting in the wings. As usualy, if Lite exists it will be tested heavily in the US before finally making it to these shores.

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