DMI announces 34 new jobs

Pictured: Ian Dodson, Ken Fitzpatrick and Anthony Quigley, Digital Marketing Institute



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21 January 2016 | 0

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) has announced the creation of 34 jobs this year across sales, operations and marketing.

The announcement is the result of continuing strong international growth, which saw 86% growth in revenue across its core business in 2015.

Founded in 2008 by Ian Dodson and Anthony Quigley, DMI currently has a headcount of 47. It produces the most widely taught digital marketing certification in the world, with over 12,500 students and 70 partner institutions teaching its programmes, from diploma to masters level. Courses are delivered through a global network of education partner institutions, in workplaces via corporate clients and directly via online learning.

“After founding the company in 2008 to provide digital marketing courses in Ireland, we discovered that the gap in the market for digital certification was a global one,” said Ian Dodson, co-founder and director of the Digital Marketing Institute.

“We are expanding at such a fast pace because the global skills shortage in digital is acute, and we have produced an industry validated standard that is replicable across international markets.”

“Having developed our business model successfully over the past number of years, we are in a phase of rapid expansion. We have a great team and now need to add more of the right people in sales, operations and marketing. We are recruiting actively at this very moment for roles in all of these areas.”

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