Disruption and the ‘digital vortex’

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7 November 2016 | 0

Disruption is a reality for businesses and digital disruption has the potential to destroy as much as it can build, due primarily to the speed at which it can have its affects.

In 2015, the report entitled “Digital Vortex”, by the Cisco and IMD joint venture the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, describes the whirling forces drawing all things in towards a rapidly spinning centre where things are combined, sometimes in chaotic fashion, to form new fusions of business products, services and models, with common denominator of everything digitised.

The report charted various industries at different points on their way towards the centre of the Digital Vortex, where they experience either dissolution, recombination or both.

The effects on businesses are transformative to say the least, and determining how to navigate such change, especially from a technological perspective, is challenging.

At the Island Networks executive briefing “Supercharge your cloud,” Brian Jordan, data centre and industry solutions specialist with Cisco, will describe how dealing with the digital vortex is all about value, with new competitive dynamic models emerging, such as the “Value Vampire” that sucks the life out of incumbents, and the “Value Vacancy,” a market opportunity that can be exploited via digital disruption.

Within this context of the digital vortex and its consequent disruption, businesses will increasingly rely on agile IT services to allow them to transform and take advantage of disruption, as opposed to being simply overtaken by it.

Starting with agile storage, Max Brown of Pure Storage will describe how smart storage for cloud IT, with all-flash arrays, can break the traditional cycle of technical refreshes and spiralling support costs. Graham Frazier of Citrix will look into the misty future of cloud for enterprise, while Stuart Farquharson of Red Hat will talk about how a holistic management approach can be achieved.

John Lucas, director of IT and operations for ASE Global will give practical experiences on how that business supercharged its own cloud through the implementation of an all-flash strategy in its data centre.

To round out, Leo Moore of Frys Solicitors will tackle another key topic of disruption, the looming European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which he describes as “the most significant change in data privacy law in 20 years”. Moore will explore its implications for companies in Ireland.

The 10 November event takes place at Conrad Hotel, Dublin 2, from 08:30 to 12:30, and is free but requires registration.  Go to: www.islandnetworks.com/news-events/dont-miss-vital-executive-briefing/


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