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Dispelling the myths to embrace cloud migration

Ireland’s businesses must start realising the compelling benefits cloud platforms and technologies have to offer
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8 June 2022

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According to a report from Accenture, 88% of Irish companies are choosing to move to the cloud. While this sounds like great news, the same survey shows only 36% currently have their workloads there. Cloud migration may seem like the natural step in digital transformation, but for many Irish organisations misconceptions around the cloud are holding them back. 

Now’s the time to dispel the myths around cloud migration, so Ireland’s businesses can start realising the compelling benefits cloud platforms and technologies have to offer. 




Common misconceptions

“To meet data compliance, we need to ensure our data remains in Ireland”

A key concern for many Irish organisations is managing data residency and keeping it within Ireland to meet strict regulations (like GDPR and IRO27001) and audit criteria. The good news is, Ireland is Europe’s data centre capital, with many cloud service providers (CSPs) operating large sites within the country. At present there are 70 operational data centres with a combined 900MW power capacity and more under construction. And providers like Microsoft have invested heavily in its public cloud customers to meet IT audits.

“We’re concerned our data won’t be secure on public cloud”

For a long time, public cloud was considered less secure than private cloud and many Irish organisations were concerned about lost or compromised data. This was compounded by the ransomware attack on Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) in May 2021. Over the last 12 months, CSPs have made significant investments in their security capabilities and the landscape has matured considerably. An array of automated security tools and offerings is now almost impossible to replicate, making the cloud the most secure option available.

“Pay-as-you-go cloud computing models make it hard to manage our outgoings” 

The shift to a consumption-based pricing model and the potential bill shock has historically been a major blocker. But switching from holding real estate to house hardware, to paying monthly as you need it, gives businesses the flexibility to scale in any direction.

“We don’t have the time or expertise to make the move right now”

The features and opportunities the cloud presents can be overwhelming – particularly if you don’t have the inhouse expertise to support the move. But remember, it doesn’t have to all be done at once. You can take it in stages, starting with a specific use case – like e-mail migration – and gradually building up from there. And specialist organisations like Avanade are here to give you a helping hand along the way.

Five steps to the cloud

Now we’ve dispelled the myths, here are five simple steps organisations can take to rethink cloud migration.

  1. Capitalise on expert support

Don’t let a lack of inhouse skills prevent you from reaping the benefits of cloud migration. By partnering with organisations like Avanade, which specialise in designing, deploying and managing cloud ecosystems (in our case, Microsoft Azure), you’ll avoid common pitfalls and rapidly benefit from the speed, scale and economies the cloud has to offer.

  1. Upskill your team

Knowledge is power – and you’ll want your in-house team to hold it. Microsoft offers an extensive range of accredited courses, covering all Azure topics from introductory and certification courses to deep dives into the most advanced features. 

  1. Keep it secure

Put your mind (and your customers’) at ease by including security in your cloud deployment design from the start. Avanade’s Security Team can help you deploy a robust cloud security strategy that includes data lifecycle management, ownership, data discovery, encryption, classification and labelling.

  1.  Define costs upfront

Avanade can give you an accurate picture of associated costs in the cloud using several tools. Avanade Isotope, for example, provides a representation of your on-prem environment and existing workloads in the cloud so you can be clear on your budget going forward. With a rapid assessment and initial focus on quick wins, organisations can see savings within two to four weeks.

  1.  Start small, think big

The move to the cloud isn’t a one-time migration, so don’t try and leverage it in its entirety. Start small and take a long-term view. Taking a measured approach like this means lessons will be learnt and benefits realised at a pace that’s right for your business. 

Why Avanade

The world has changed and it’s time to rethink how the cloud can help you address your changing priorities. Our unparalleled understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem, privileged access and unrivalled expertise ensure our clients maximise business value from Azure cloud and their data, with a flexible approach for every client.  

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