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27 June 2013 | 0

Connected Health, a partnership of The Digital Hub and St James’s Hospital, is inviting expressions of interest from technology companies to develop a new electrocardiogram (ECG) system for the emergency department at St James’s Hospital.

Connected Health began in November 2012 as a way of supporting digital product and service companies in entering or expanding into the e-health space.

Among other benefits, the successful project will receive free office space in The Digital Hub for six months; expert enterprise development supports from The Digital Hub; and promotion supports through The Digital Hub and St James’s Hospital.

Dr Stephen Brennan, chief strategy officer, The Digital Hub, said: "This is an excellent market opportunity for technology companies looking to break into, or expand their existing focus on, the digital health space.




"While it is envisaged that the new ECG monitoring system will be developed as an innovative pilot project for the emergency department within St James’s, it will have the potential for wider development as a mobile cardio monitoring system, which could be used by other emergency departments and ambulance services.

"The development of this technology will save lives. It will also help the Irish healthcare system to better manage its scarce resources and ensure better patient outcomes for hospitals. There is also potential to use this technology to tap into other ‘wellness areas’ and the preventative health sector."

Closing date for applications is 5 July.

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