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1 April 2005 | 0

RealSecure Desktop Protector 3.5 from Internet Security Systems is a combination of intrusion protection and firewall technologies with a new security measure called Application Protection. This software advances the level of protection for remote or mobile PC users who may access their corporate network from an increasingly broad array of gateway connections.

Based on ISS’s BlackICE technology, Desktop Protector analyses application and network (including VPN) behaviour on desktops and provides real-time protection against malicious activity. It prevents malicious code from running without affecting normal user or network operations, with full notification to the security administrator.

This level of desktop application security control determines when a new, unauthorised process or application is attempting to install or run, then takes appropriate, intelligent action to protect both the network and the desktop from attack or misuse. Combining application protection with the ability to lock files including the prevention of any writing to, deletion, or alteration of files and the ability to perform localised firewall and intrusion protection, provides enterprises with a comprehensive desktop security agent that protects from unauthorised applications and from a variety of attacks across the threat spectrum.




Additional key features include: central management and ease of deployment; protocol analysis based intrusion detection; communications control, which can prevent an application from connecting to the network; adaptive protection-level selection, which allows a user to have the agent adapt to the network environment by switching protection levels based on network traffic; interoperability with VPN systems; optional alerting; evidence logging and back tracing.

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