Karl Ahearne, Red Planet with Brendan Jennings, Deloitte

Deloitte acquires Red Planet

Karl Ahearne, Red Planet with Brendan Jennings, Deloitte

9 February 2017

Deloitte Ireland has acquired Red Planet, a Dublin-based innovation consultancy uniquely focused on driving corporate revenue growth through structured access to startup innovations. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“The fit with Deloitte is clear,” said Brendan Jennings, managing partner, Deloitte Ireland. “We are continuing to invest in our digital transformation business as our clients demand greater agility and expertise in a rapidly changing digital world.

“We have to disrupt the way we work and deliver value. [Red Planet] brings a different way of working for our clients and our people. Furthermore it expands our global network of experts, partners and start-ups to help our clients understand and harness disruptive technologies to create new and accelerated growth.

“Our goal is to enable significant value creation for our clients, driving additional investment into service development in Ireland and delivering sustainable employment growth.”

Karl Aherne, CEO, Red Planet, said: “Established corporates are designed to drive profit in stable environments. However, the speed of change is increasing rapidly, with many companies now struggling to resonate with their clients.

“Customers are always on and always connected through the supercomputers in their pockets and complex products and services have been mobilised through low cost development and human-centric design. The ability to instantly engage with customers, combined with low-cost adoption and frictionless payments has changed the rules. Companies need to hardwire innovation into every part of their business, at every level, which will enable 10 times rather than 10% growth.”

Red Planet has secured a number of blue-chip telecommunications and financial services clients, delivering start-up digital solutions creating value growth for corporates and start-ups.

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