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The Dell VR Visor (Image: Dell)



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14 November 2017 | 0

For Dell’s consumer push, virtual reality (VR) takes centre stage.

The VR118 Visor virtual reality headset is relatively light, well designed and comfortable to wear. Leveraging all the capabilities of latest Windows 10 VR features, the VR118 provides entertainment like never before in mixed and full virtual reality modes.

An integrated camera design eliminates the need for external cameras, making this a much more home-friendly set up. Additional controllers are also available to enhance the immersive effects.

Power for VR
Of course, it takes some power to run VR, and from laptops to full on gaming beasts, there are numerous options available.

The Inspiron gaming desktop is VR-ready, and sports a dual graphics set up, with liquid cooling. The case is nicely styled, with LED accents and retails for €779, delivered.

For a more portable experience, the Inspiron 15 7000 laptop packs all the power to be VR-ready too. Advanced cooling with dual fans and heat pipes allow all of that hardware to stay cool, and stay fast. It supports 4k displays, with dedicated graphics RAM for high performance.

But if you want to take your gaming to the next level, the Alienware Area 51 gaming desktop series is the one for you.

The new Area 51 desktop, optimised for cooling. (Image: Dell)

With an innovative triangular design that optimises cooling, irrespective of where it is placed, there are both AMD and Intel powered versions, depending on taste. All VR-ready, dual 4k support is available, as well as style to support performance. The Threadripper Edition starts at €2,251, while the Core-X i9 based systems start at €1,999.

The Alienware line also extends to laptops, with 13, 15 and 17 models, all VR-ready out of the box. With optional OLED screens and featuring eye-tracking technology, Tobii Aware software, these devices provide a gaming experience unlike any other.

Curved cool
To view the unparalleled output of these powerful machines, one needs a screen that can do more. The Dell 34 UltraSharp monitor is gently curved and can essentially act as two screens in one. Built in APIs allow the screen to be used as one large space, as two discrete screens, or more. With studies showing that users can be as much as 18% more productive with dual screens, the U3417W is a compelling prospect. However, when hooked up to the likes of an Area 51 for a game such as Mass Effect 3, and gaming nirvana beckons.

Power to control
However, power is nothing without control, as the old axiom goes, and the new Alienware gaming mice provide removal panels to change button configuration, along with ergonomic design for comfortable use, fully programmable buttons and built-in LEDs that can be controlled by the game in play for additional immersive detail.

Allied to the mouse range is a set of keyboards that also offer an open API controlled ambient lighting system. Mechanical keys give a highly positive response, as well as gamer-level accuracy for that ultimate experience. Macro programming allows complex control sets to be assigned to taste, further extending the capabilities of these highly-honed offerings.

The XPS 13 in silver (Image: Dell)

If games are not your thing, then the XPS range offers similar punch, but in an altogether more elegant package. With beautiful alloy finishes in a range of colours, including rose, and the impressive InfinityEdge displays that reduce bezel size, these small, svelte machines punch well above their weight. With up to 22 hours of run time, and 8th generation Core processors, the XPS 13 range starts at €1,299.

Blank canvas
For the artistic among us, the Dell Canvas 27 and Totem controller provides a professional quality art and design offering. Multi-posable, the Canvas is part screen and part workspace that pairs to a Windows 10 laptop and provides a multi-touch input for both pen and Totem, or dial-like controller, to give a finesse of control demanded by the artists and employed by the architect. Prices start from €1,687.

The 2-in1 offers multi-mode usage (Image: Dell)




In keeping with current demand too, are a range of 2-in-1 style devices that are tablets and laptops, depending on how you wish to use them. The XPS 13 2-in-1 leads the charge with what is essentially a 330mm (13”) screen in a 280mm (11”) frame, due to reduced bezel size and innovative packaging. Its folder over, 360 degree design goes from laptop to full tablet mode in an instant, the in between ‘tent mode’ allowing you to view content easily. Prices start at €1,399.



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