Colin Boyd, Dell Technologies Ireland

Dell Technologies PowerStore meets the industries changing storage needs

PowerStore is the fastest-growing new architecture in the company’s history
Colin Boyd, Dell Technologies Ireland

8 October 2021

In association with Exertis

If Dell Technologies’ vision is to become the most essential technology company for the data era, then the 2020 launch of its PowerStore enterprise storage system brought the company closer to realising that goal.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes and types, the industry-leading storage arrays transforms traditional and modern workloads with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that delivers revolutionary new capabilities.




“As the industry changes, our storage needs change,” says Colin Boyd, storage platforms & solutions sales manager for Dell Technologies Ireland. “We sent PowerStore to market to address those changing needs. It’s a completely new architecture built for the modern era.”

Dell Technologies has been embracing data-centric storage platform design for the last 20 years, and PowerStore is the fastest-growing new architecture in the company’s history.

Organisations can accelerate decision making, data access and application performance by using PowerStore, which is designed for six-nines (99.9999%) availability. Complete with NVMe and a 4:1 data reduction rate guarantee, its data-centric design delivers critical performance and storage efficiency for both traditional and modern applications. The array’s intelligent data reduction functionality is always running without impacting performance.


Built from the ground up with next-generation storage technology, the platform can tackle current IT challenges while being flexible and scalable enough to meet future IT needs. It gives customers the flexibility to scale to meet changing business needs and budgets.

“We like to work with our partners and customers to establish what their needs are,” says Boyd. “We can use tools such as Live Optics IT to formulate a design that works for them.  

“They can also mix and match different models,” he continues. “If the customer’s need change within six months, then we can add extra PowerStore models to their cluster to give them that performance or capacity boost they need.”


Earlier this year, Dell Technologies rounded out the PowerStore family with the introduction of the entry-level PowerStore 500. Delivering enterprise performance and storage services at an accessible price point, PowerStore 500 is suitable to businesses of any size and can be used in remote or branch locations, edge environments or even larger IT deployments. 

Its compact 2U form-factor can store up to 1.2 petabytes and is capable of handling demanding enterprise workloads, supporting up to 2.4 million SQL transactions per minute, and 1,500 VDI desktops per appliance. 

“PowerStore 500 boasts a small footprint and comes at an affordable cost,” says Boyd, “we’ve found this makes it attractive to both customers and partners alike.”


Dell Technologies has a future-proof loyalty programme for all its storage platforms. “We give our customers, and subsequently our partners, a three-year satisfaction guarantee. That’s on top of our 4:1 data reduction guarantee. If for whatever reason we don’t deliver that, we will remediate that for the customer, free of charge.”

Indeed, that customer satisfaction has contributed to making PowerStore the fastest growing storage platform that Dell Technologies has brought to the market to date.

“Customers are really interested in the innovation we’re bringing forward with this array,” says Boyd. “In fact, 23% of all purchases are from customers who have never bought storage solutions from Dell Technologies storage before.”

Continuing, Boyd says: “The reality is that sometimes organisations are nervous about investing in a new technology. We’re able to stand by all of the promises we make, which provides real peace of mind to both our partners and customers.”

Boyd tells of how they provided for one customer, ‘an online gambling company’, that required a seriously low latency solution. “That was critical for them,” he says. “They couldn’t invest in an architecture that wasn’t going to give them high-end performance and near zero latency. We sat down with them to discuss what they needed and PowerStore met all of their benchmarks. There were never any doubts in the customer’s mind that it couldn’t meet their needs. It’s now been fully deployed and it’s working as planned.”


The full PowerStore range is available to order through Exertis, an authorised Dell Technologies distributor. “Exertis is a key distributor for us in Ireland,” says Boyd. “We work closely with the Exertis team in specifying PowerStore arrays for the partners. Together, we make the process as straightforward as possible. We want our partners to be self-sufficient, but at the same time, we want them to know that both ourselves and Exertis are working in the background to ensure the highest-quality service for our partners.”

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