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EMC World 2016
Joe Tucci with Michael Dell at EMC World 2016. (Image: EMC)



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3 May 2016 | 0

After the deal between Dell and EMC, the new entity will be called Dell Technologies. The enterprise group within the new organisation will be known as Dell EMC.

These details were confirmed at EMC World 2016 in Las Vegas, when Michael Dell joined Joe Tucci, CEO, EMC, on stage for the opening day key note.

In a show of appreciation, Tucci received a standing ovation as he acknowledged that this would be his last EMC World keynote in his current position.

Seven groups
Dell said that the new organisation would consist of seven groups. Dell would still be the brand name for the devices division, as Dell said that there was still a good deal of brand equity in the PC maker’s name. Dell EMC would be the enterprise group. VMware, Pivotal, SecureWorks, RSA and Virtustream would remain as brands within Dell Technologies and as business units.

Dell described the current situation in technological development as akin to the Industrial Revolution, but characterising this revolution as one that would be more far reaching and have a greater impact on people’s lives.

He highlighted the progress that had been made in the 15 years since 2001, as pattern for the kind of changes that could be expected for the next 15 years. When this is combined with the effects of the Internet of Everything and the expectation of 200 billion connected devices by then, and Dell said we face the next quantum leap in human progress.

Intelligence combined
Dell said to deal with all of the information from the new connected world, human intelligence will combine with artificial intelligence, and thus human creativity will be amplified. Virtual and augmented reality will refine how we learn, work and play. But, new infrastructures will be required to handle all of this and it starts, said Dell, with the data centre.

Someone still needs to manage today’s infrastructure, said Dell, even as we develop the potential of tomorrow’s technologies.

To that end, he said, Dell with EMC will be a major cloud infrastructure company.

“Dell and EMC are incredibly complimentary in their technologies,” he said.

Secured infrastructure
The new organisation will bring together the technology of tomorrow to enable enterprise, but mindful of the need secure those new infrastructures. The attack surface is growing significantly, he said, and as everything becomes digital, it becomes vulnerable to cyberattack.

Dell said there was a huge opportunity to tackle this with the collective security tech of Dell and EMC.

Dell and EMC become a company with a leadership position in 21 Gartner magic quadrants, said Dell, the world’s largest enterprise infrastructure and technologies company.

“All of this we get to operate as a private company, 100% focused on customers, without the pressures of being a public company,” he said.

Dell was insistent that the new company was going to maintain and invest in strong open ecosystems, giving confidence in warranties, roadmaps and support services.

Not missing an opportunity, Dell took a swipe at HP Inc and HPE’s reorganisation by contrast, characterising it as “shrinking its way to success”.

Acquisition style
TechPro asked Dell about Dell Technologies’ approach to acquisitions in the future, as both companies previously had differing styles. EMC’s approach, with the likes of RSA and VMware had been more a federation, whereas Dell’s, with the likes of Kace and Wyse, was more assimilation.

Dell said that Dell, as a company, had learned a lot about how EMC had successfully acquired, but left to a certain degree autonomous, some of its acquisitions.

He said that each future acquisition would be on a case by case basis and its treatment would be dependent upon the nature of the acquired business. If it suits tight integration, that is what would be done, said Dell.

However, he emphasised that acquisition was not the only option.

There are other strategies too, he said. Minority investment and joint ventures, as well as pure partnership, are also options said Dell, to achieve the right offerings and support.




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