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17 April 2014 | 0

Dell has enhanced its PowerEdge VRTX line, the integrated IT solution designed specifically for office environments.

There is a now an optional redundant PowerEdge Raid Controller (PERC), which provides RAID controller failover inside the Dell PowerEdge VRTX chassis, enhancing data protection capabilities.

There is also a greater choice of server nodes, including the 4-socket, PowerEdge M820, to enable faster processing of workloads such as large, back-end database, business intelligence, data mining, enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

System management is improved through common design sharing, as the Chassis Management Controller (CMC) provides PowerEdge VRTX users with a familiar systems management tool to manage local or remote VRTX systems, just as CMC does in the data centre, along with enhancements in setting, updating and maintaining server and chassis configurations.

Virtual desktops get expanded support too, as PowerEdge VRTX now enables VDI in remote offices and branch offices by providing support for optional graphical processing units (GPUs).

“As the server market evolves, Dell remains at the forefront of providing solutions for the diverse problems affecting customers, whether large, small or remote,” said Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager, Dell Server Solutions. “With today’s enhancements and ongoing customer momentum, Dell PowerEdge VRTX is delivering what customers need in order to realise greater simplicity and efficiency to grow their business.”

Dell says that the PowerEdge VRTX has enjoyed high popularity and demand among, with customers ranging from the German IT services provider Ruegenwalder Muehle, to the Caterham Formula 1 team.

“While our factory and team are based in the UK, our wind-tunnel testing site is based remotely in Germany,” said Bill Peters, head of IT, Caterham F1. “Having a remote, shared and mission critical environment hundreds of miles away means that we need a trusted IT solution on site that can manage all of our integrated servers, storage and networking capabilities. VRTX has proven to be an extremely efficient solution for our needs. It took only a three hour workshop to design it, and deployment was simple with just one IT staff member taking it over and plugging it in. Plus because it is virtual, the management of the system is done remotely and doesn’t require any IT presence onsite. As a result, we see a lot of potential for further implementation of the VRTX, especially in our trackside IT environment.”

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