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18 May 2016 | 0

With the increasing sophistication of cyberthreats, from crypto-malware to spear phishing and advanced persistent threats, endpoint protection has had to change rapidly to keep pace, often with far less use of skilled IT operatives to administer it.

To that end, Dell has developed a new endpoint solution aimed at companies that either have few or no appropriately skilled people to manage the usual raft of applications in the field.

Dell Data Protection | Threat Defense is described as new advanced-threat prevention solution that leverages both artificial intelligence and machine learning to actively prevent, as opposed to reactively detect, advanced persistent threats and malware, including zero day and targeted attacks such as spear phishing or ransomware.

According to Dell, the solution offers a significantly higher level of protection, stopping 99% of malware execution, far above the average 50% efficacy rating of many traditional anti-virus solutions, citing figures from Cylance, on whose technology the new service is based.

The Data Protection | Threat Defense solution relies on using minimal resources, 1-3% of CPU power, to deliver its protection, which Dell asserts, is far lower than traditional anti-virus solutions. This combined with the ability to provide high levels of protection without reliance on signature updates, or even a continual network connection to the internet to detect threats, make it effective and unintrusive.

The solution allows direct control over known secure files and applications too, enabling administrators to ‘safe-list’ files at a policy level, or via a signed certificate where no threat action will be taken against the file or application.

Threat Defense also provides additional script control, which prevents malicious ActiveScripts and PowerShell from running. IT administrators can also upload a suspicious file to the cloud for analysis, enabling them to analyse threat vectors they are facing and take better preventative measures.

“Today’s malware attacks are non-discriminant and can impact organisations of all sizes,” said Brett Hansen, executive director, Data Security Solutions, Dell. “Smaller businesses are often at risk as traditional anti-virus and threat protection solutions can be resource intensive or beyond the means of growing businesses. With Dell Data Protection | Threat Defense, Dell is addressing the needs of this under-served segment with an effective advanced threat prevention solution that is easy to manage and reflects the multi-platform reality of modern businesses.”
Dell Data Protection | Threat Defense will be available from June 2016.



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