DealStart puts out call for start-ups in Munster

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26 May 2014 | 0

Technology start-up programme DealStart – set up by it@cork European Tech Cluster – has opened for a second round of entries. The programme matches tech start-ups with multinationals in the Munster Region to drive key sales and business development.

DealStart helps fledging businesses by matching them with a large company mentor to gain information, insights and expertise on procurement.

Denis Collins, chairman it@cork European Tech Cluster explained: “In order to fuel economic growth and increase jobs, we must drive an effective ecosystem focused on tangible results.  The collaboration of FDI multi-nationals and indigenous startup companies is innovative and powerful. The first DealStart was a huge success, with a number of SMEs securing global access, sales, references, advice to grow their business.  The MNCs [multinational corporations] also learned and received potential solutions for their strategies. This is industry collaboration at its best, and our Cluster will continue to lead the way with thought leadership.”

Programme co-ordinator Robert O’Donohue of EMC said: “For start-up companies, landing that first deal with a large multinational can be invaluable when it comes to building credibility and understanding the complex procurement processes in large organisations and how to best navigate them. DealStart gives start-ups access to global corporations and fast tracks them to success in winning deals with large organisations.”

Global organisations participating in the programme include EMC, IBM, Trend Micro, VMware, Qualcomm and Dell.

Recruitment of companies in operation for less than three years is underway with a deadline of the end of May 2014.

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