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Aaron Kinsella, Commvault, presents the Data Centres Innovation Award 2018 to Tanya Duncan, Interxion (Image: Mediateam)

Anticipating business needs key in DC design



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5 April 2019 | 0

Predictions are difficult, goes the old axiom, especially about the future.

And yet, today’s data centre service providers need to do exactly that. Anticipating future customer needs in terms of power, cooling, capacity and connectivity, is a critical part of running a data centre.

However, all of this must be achieved while ensuring resilience, redundancy and disaster planning. Best practice will only get a data centre so far in being able to cope with anticipated demands and needs.




This was the issue that was faced by Interxion, the European data centre provider.

Determining that something more than industry standard was necessary, the provider embarked on an extensive programme of development in facilities to meet and exceed needs, ensuring it could provide for whatever customers could envision.

With a modular design basis allowing space and power upgrades to provide in-time capacity requirements, cooling islands employ an adiabatic dry cooler for maximum efficiency. A mandatory cold aisle containment design is governed by a control system that reacts to load and facility capacity demand without sacrificing reliability.

Running on 100% renewable energy, the facilities also employ highly efficient uninterruptable power sources (UPS) deployed in tri- and hexa-load configuration to maximise available capacity without sacrificing redundancy. This has contributed towards a power usage efficiency (PUE) rating of 1.2.

That power is closely managed and can be made available at a density of 2kw/sqm, with 2N power distribution units (PDUs) per zone. N+1 generators are fully synchronised with the grid, with 54 hours of on-site diesel storage at full design load.

All three Interxion data centre campuses in Dublin have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 27000 certification. Dublin has also achieved ISO 22301 certification, replacing BS 25999 PCI.

According to managing director for Interxion Ireland, Tanya Duncan “Interxion is not a traditional data centre,” and as customers innovate in their business, Interxion will continue to do so too.

For this constant innovation, Interxion Ireland won the Data Centres Innovation Award at the 2018 Tech Excellence Awards.

If your organisation has a story to tell of innovation to support evolving customer needs, the Tech Excellence wards are open for entries now.


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