CWSI, SEMSEYE partnership to strengthen IoT environment

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3 December 2015 | 0

Mobile IT and security specialist CWSI has partnered with SEMSEYE, the developer of intelligent embedded systems for the IoT Environment, to deliver mobile location analytics (MLA) that enable retailers, real estate owners, such as shopping malls, airports, bus and train stations, to track and analyse consumers’ behaviour and actively make decisions.

The analysed data can be viewed on mobiles, PCs or tablets. They will deliver cloud based ‘bricks and mortar’ analytics based on context such as weather forecasts, marketing campaigns, loyalty or social programmes.

CWSI said the partnership allows it to provide SEMSEYE’s in-store analytics as a service while using its experience in customer engagement and mobile technologies sector to provide organisations with the information to innovate in a changing environment.

“The SEMSEYE platform continues to innovate and break new ground,” said Ronan Murphy, CEO, CWSI.  “Competition in today’s business is extremely tight and the winners are always the ones controlling the information or knowing what to do with it.  We are happy to be working with SEMSEYE, enabling clients and organisations to be among the winners.”

CWSI said it will act as Platform Owner for SEMSEYE in Ireland and the UK and will provide an end to end service and also support network operators and system integrators.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with CWSI”, said Paulius Lengvenis, CTO at SEMSEYE.  “We pride ourselves on bringing the foremost in business intelligence and analytics technology to our customers. Our partnership with CWSI is a reflection of this commitment.”

“The analytics platform will measure real estate owners’ footfall in real time which will help companies create workforce schedules and strategic goals for business growth,” said Murphy.  “In addition, this partnership will help customers speed time to business insights which will lead to improved business processes and maintain a competitive advantage.”


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