Curam, Galway City Arts Office launch Afterimage community art-science exhibition

Christiana Egbo from the Westside community, Galway is originally from Nigeria and her main area of interest in research would be food and nutrition. Image: Cleary Connolly



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18 April 2018 | 0

SFI medical devices research centre Curam and the Galway City Arts Office, have launched a new community art-science exhibition.

Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly’s (Cleary Connolly) Afterimage shows portraits of 19 people who live or work in the Westside of Galway.

The exhibit, now permanently housed in the Westside Resource Centre, consists of 19 portraits, each composed of a black and white portrait accompanied by a colour negative mapping. Each portrait is set against a background of images drawn from science and research.

The Curam researchers who appeared in the project were placed against images drawn from their own work, while members of the local community were set against images referring to their preferred area of research, in response to the question “If you were a researcher what would you research?”

Prof Abhay Pandit, scientific director Curam at NUI Galway, said: “We aim to inspire and engage all communities with current and cutting edge research that’s happening here in Ireland. Unfortunately chronic illness such as diabetes, Parkinson’s and heart disease are familiar to most Irish communities and it’s important that we provide opportunities for people to find out more about our work in finding solutions to these illnesses and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

“That can be through the work of filmmakers, teachers or artists such as Cleary Connolly who use the research as inspiration and break barriers to provide another ‘way in’ to the world of science.”

Anne Cleary said: “We were really interested in Curam’s work on corneal implants and also in advanced biomimicry. Our work is all about perception, how people see the world, how they adapt. We were privileged to work with such a diverse and interesting group of people from the Westside community and have been greatly inspired by all of the participants and their ideas.”

James Coyne, CEO of Westside Resource Centre and community partner on the project said the Westside community is a strong and vibrant one with its own annual community Arts Festival. “It has been hugely rewarding to be part of the process and bring different parts of the community together.

“I think we have all learned something new and it’s definitely created a great deal of curiosity about the research that’s happening right here on our doorstep.”

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