Cork Internet Exchange adds DAB capability

Jerry Sweeney, CIX, with David Duffy, Viamux
Jerry Sweeney, CIX, with David Duffy, Viamux



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20 August 2018 | 0

Cork Internet Exchange (CIX) has been selected by digital radio specialist, Viamux, as the operations centre for a DAB ‘multiplex’ (digital radio transmitter) operating under a test and trial licence issued by ComReg.

The antenna is located on the CIX tower which offers robust coverage across the entire city and surrounding countryside.

“Cork Internet Exchange is committed to being Cork’s Edge data centre. We see DAB as a logical extension of that mission. We want to make sure that Cork leads in all areas of communications. We are delighted to be able to offer Viamux, the infrastructure they needed to bring DAB to Cork,” said CIX managing director Jerry Sweeney.

Viamux managing director David Duffy said: “We’ll be bringing radio services into Cork from around the country over the Internet so a high level of resilience was essential. No one comes close to CIX thanks to a mesh of different providers which ensures a safe, secure and uninterrupted service allowing us flexibility to scale our needs.”

Viamux aims to bring together partners from local commercial, community, institutional and online radio with their wide range of formats that cater for ethnic, lifestyle, specialist as well as general audiences.

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