Vincent O’Brien, knowledge transfer associate, for Copper Industries at University of Ulster withssociate and Charlie Shivers, Copper Industries

Copper Industries, CST take guess work out of hot water tank sizing

Vincent O’Brien, knowledge transfer associate for Copper Industries at University of Ulster and Charlie Shivers, Copper Industries

17 June 2014

An online tool developed by Copper Industries and the Centre for Sustainable Technologies at the University of Ulster is set to transform how hot water cylinders are sized for domestic and commercial properties, potentially saving home & business owners up to 50% on their annual energy costs.

Traditionally, the plumbing and heating sector has used a ‘rule-of-thumb’ to calculate the hot water cylinder size required for a residential or commercial property – based on very basic information such as the number of people living or working in a building.

The new program from Copper Industries and CST processes these details to calculate the precise size of hot water tank required to meet the maximum demand for each house or business.

Charlie Shivers from Copper Industries, said: “With energy prices rising each year, cost efficiencies and savings have become increasingly important to consumers. Yet few are aware that an oversized cylinder can be highly inefficient and unnecessarily expensive.

“This is also a major issue for the built environment, but by working in collaboration with the CST team at the University of Ulster, we’ve developed a very simple yet highly effective software solution which will not only be of great benefit to the plumbing industry but also has the potential to help home owners and commercial businesses save up to 50% on their annual energy cost savings.”

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