Companies still struggling to find candidates with balance of technical and soft skills

Resilience & adaptability prized qualities according to new report
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27 June 2022

In association with Experis

While IT skills needs are evolving faster than ever, and specialised technology talent is at a premium, critical soft skills, aka ‘power skills’ are being neglected in the recruitment and resourcing process. Despite continued talk of the crucial nature of upskilling and reskilling, latent potential remains untapped among workers in the middle of the tech talent pyramid.

The New Age of Tech Talent a report from Experis, a leader in IT professional resourcing and managed services and part of Manpower Group, finds that employers need to be more creative and agile in their talent strategy – both inside and outside their organisations. The research suggests that HR leaders should be guided by workforce data, have a clear talent philosophy, and show and a willingness to experiment




When asked why they were having difficulty filling tech roles, 34% of hiring managers said candidates did not have the right technical skills, 32% said they didn’t have the right relevant experience, and 27% said they didn’t have the right soft skills.

The top soft skills employers report most in demand for tech roles include critical thinking & analysis, creativity & originality, reasoning & problem-solving, reliability & self discipline, and resilience & adaptability.

The New Age of Tech Talent can be downloaded at .

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