Companies need to think about telecoms from the inside out

TechFire looks at importance of comms as a matter of strategy
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20 October 2022

The TechFire webinar series returns on 16 November at 10am with a look at why management and IT departments need to reassess the role of telecoms.

In this hour long session we look at what management and their IT departments should take the microscope to the role and position of telecoms in their business. Pandemic induced changes to work practices have forced many organisations to adopt and adapt in an extremely flexible and sometimes ad hoc methodology. Whilst everyone working full time from their offices is perhaps a thing of the past, putting the right technology in place will ensure maximum productivity and seamless delivery of services.

Nobody is expecting a return to the traditional five-day week, so it’s essential that companies get the tech right to ensure that when remote work is in place, seamless delivery of service can continue. Does this mean companies should be transformed by putting telecoms at the centre of their operations?

Joining editor Niall Kitson to explore this burning question will be Dermot Frost, network operations centre manager at IP Telecom, and Adrian Ward, IT support manager for Portwest.

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