Cloudcards and ActionPoint partner to extend asset management system

Aviation technology company adds maintenance reserve functionality to platform
Pictured left is Barry Fitzgerald, Cloudcards, and John Savage, ActionPoint. (Image: ActionPoint)

19 July 2019

The Limerick based aviation technology company Cloudcards has extended the functionality of its asset management software (AMS) with a maintenance reserve capability that will reduce risk and improve efficiency in aviation leasing worldwide.

Designed and developed with technical partner ActionPoint, the news features are  built on the Microsoft Azure platform. Maintenance reserves claims act as an insurance policy for aircraft lessors who need to include a reserve fund to protect against maintenance, repairs and other costs while an aircraft is being leased.

This is “a huge time-saving for our aircraft leasing customers who can now manage the full maintenance reserve function through our application from Engineering to Risk all the way through to Finance. Furthermore, this new system update has been delivered on-time and in-budget by the ActionPoint team,” said Barry Fitzgerald, CTO, Cloudcards.




“We have been delighted to support Cloudcards during every step of their journey,” said John Savage, CTO, ActionPoint. “Brian and Barry came to us with an ambitious vision in 2015 on what they wanted to achieve and watching each new feature enter production and to see the market respond positively is very rewarding for the greater team here at ActionPoint.”

Previously, ActionPoint assisted Cloudcards with the launch of AMS, which helped the start-up to attract €1.5 million of private investment, enabling it to begin expansion into new markets, such as China and South Korea.

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