Cloud communications specialist brings enterprise-grade AI to call centres

Workair to offer Uniphore’s X Platform

17 November 2023

Cloud communications specialist Workair will use Uniphore’s X Platform and industry-leading AI solutions to help clients select, deploy and support customer-centric solutions for call centres.

The Uniphore X Platform infuses multiple AI technologies into all areas of the enterprise that impact the customer, such as conversational AI, generative AI, knowledge AI and emotion AI.

Workair will leverage its expertise and the access it now has to industry-leading technology with Uniphore to ensure its customers will be able to better handle customer-centric tasks such as sales, frontline support and compliance management across contact centres.

“Workair has always been at the forefront of delivering easy-to-use, integrated and cost-effective customer communications to Ireland’s contact centres,” said Stephen Mackarel, managing director of Workair. “We are proud to partner with Uniphore and provide Ireland’s call centres with enterprise AI capabilities that will empower agents to better address customer concerns, lower call times and improve the overall customer experience.”

Umesh Sachdev, CEO, Uniphore, said: “This collaboration is a critical step in expanding Uniphore’s global footprint and ensuring our leading enterprise AI platform is recognised on the world’s stage.”

Uniphore’s platform is now available in over 20 countries.

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