Chromecast guest mode plays nicely with others’ Android devices

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16 December 2014 | 0

Thanks to the latest Chromecast tweak, you no longer need to give out your Wi-Fi password if a house guest wants to share the latest hit YouTube video on your TV.

With the new guest mode, you can open your Chromecast’s digital gates to your friends’ and family’s Android devices. Once you do, they will be able to stream a movie, TV show, or video from one of the growing number of Chromecast-friendly apps without the need to join your Wi-Fi network.

Once guest mode is turned on, the Chromecast emits a Wi-Fi beacon that other devices can find when looking to cast a video. If an app does not connect automatically, there is a four-digit PIN on screen that you will need to type in. After doing this, all your cat videos or Netflix favourites can be shared on the bigger screen.

You can turn off guest mode when the party is over, so neighbours cannot hijack your Chromecast and send you annoying videos.

Google first announced this feature in June at I/O, so we are glad to finally see it make its way into the real world. It does not require an update, so check out your Chromecast app and it might already be there.

The impact for you is that you no longer need to worry about network security, because you don’t need to hand out your Wi-Fi password to enable anyone to share a video on your TV.


Derek Walter, IDG News Service

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