Channel Chat Interview

TechTrade’s print and online interview series, profiling people and developments in the channel through one-to-one interview.  Have you got a story to tell?  Sit down with our journalist and fill us in with a dedicated full page interview.

Included in your interview;
* You are interviewed by our journalist Billy MacInnes to discuss your channel strategy
* Your interview includes a photo of the interviewee
* Your interview features as a full page feature in print in TechTrade pages of TechPro magazine with an advert included
* Your interview features online as a news story on
* Your interview features on our weekly email TechTrade newsletter
* You can choose your interview to be done as a video for an additional fee
* Fee for your full page interview €1800
To see how your interview would feature online, please click here!

To see how your interview would feature as a video, please click here!

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