Ricardo Simon Carbajo, CeADAR

CeADAR joins European zero-defect manufacturing project

InterQ targets aeronautics, energy and automotive sectors
Ricardo Simon Carbajo, CeADAR. Image: Predict/YouTube

22 March 2021

CeADAR, Ireland’s national centre for applied data analytics and AI, has joined a European project that aims to eradicate errors in manufacturing.

Supported by a consortium of industry partners, academic institutions and the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, InterQ will drive the competitiveness of the European industrial environment through the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of manufacturing across a range of industries, including aeronautics, energy and automotive.

InterQ, began in November 2020 and will finish in 2023 and led by the Ideko Research Centre in the Basque Country.




Manufacturing companies routinely capture feedback from operators at their workshops in the form of video, audio or text which has huge potential value to improve manufacturing processes.

CeADAR is represented by head of innovation Dr Ricardo Simon Carbajo and data scientist Dr Cristian Bosch-Serrano, who are applying the machine learning techniques to model factory workers’ feedback collected from different sources in factories.

Large volumes of data are generated by manufacturing but without adequate processing and management technologies it is impossible use this information as a way to optimise processes and reduce waste through errors.

According to InterQ project co-ordinator Jokin Muñoa: “The platform… is a solution focused on data processing for the optimisation of zero-defect manufacturing processes, so that quality can be traced along the entire value chain. This project represents a great opportunity both for the digital development of machines and processes through the search for full control of the quality of the final part.”

CeADAR’s Dr Ricardo Simon Carbajo added: “Augmenting the predictive analysis of sensor data with insights from operators of machinery in factories is key to improve the quality of the manufacturing process and product. CeADAR is developing AI solutions using natural language processing to understand feedback provided by factory workers, incorporating human expertise to the InterQ framework for zero-defect manufacturing.”

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