BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition opens for entries

Pictured: Kieran Behan, Gymnast; Shay Walsh, BT Ireland; and BTYSTE 2016 overall winners Maria Louise Fufezan and Diana Bura, Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan

18 May 2016

A study released by BT Ireland today has found that 81% of secondary school students believe technology has advanced their education, while more than two-thirds (68%) believe that teachers should use more technology in the classroom.

The research was conducted with 513 secondary school students and 333 parents of secondary school students throughout Ireland to launch the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2017.

The aim of the research is to gain a deeper insight into what motivates young people in terms of their education and career and to understand their perception of science and technology. If they could broaden the school curriculum, students were asked what aspects of science and technology they would like to learn. More than half (57%) said they would choose computer programming, with a similar number (53%) said sports science and 41% named bioengineering as their preferred choice.

In terms of their futures, sports science is proving popular, with a third of respondents stating they would choose a career in the field. Other popular choices include medical researcher (47%) and a scientist working on a beauty brand (25%).

The survey asked students to indicate which industries they feel are leading the way in terms of scientific and technological advances, and both students and parents named healthcare (69% students and 68% of parents), aviation (49% of students and 60% of students), followed by farming (45% of students and 50% of parents) and cosmetics (45% of parents and 44% of students).

More than half (54%) of students say real advice from people working in industries/real jobs would help inform their career and educations choices. When considering future career options, 50% of parents advise their children to explore what they enjoy; more than 40% of parents and students believe there are an abundance of career opportunities in Ireland; half of secondary school students and just fewer than 30% of parents, believe most people leave Ireland out of choice; while 29% of students and 37% of parents believe it’s because they can’t get work in their chosen industry/field.

The 53rd BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition will take place in the RDS, Dublin from 11-14 January 2017.  Entries will be accepted in four categories: technology; social & behavioural science; biological & ecological science; and chemical, physical & mathematical science.

Closing date for entries is 28 September 2016.

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