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BSI expands Proofpoint partnership

Deal will broaden e-mail protection software offering
Richard Lambe, BSI CSIR; Warwick Lawson-Syer, Proofpoint; Stephen Bowes, BSI CSIR

14 May 2019

BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience has announced a new global partnership with cybersecurity and compliance company Proofpoint to expand its advanced e-mail threat protection with end user awareness training offering.

E-mail fraud has increased by 80% over last year’s quarter highlighting the need for increased awareness and protection in many organisations. Proofpoint’s e-mail protection and advanced threat protection now offered by BSI will help to protect an organisation’s digital assets by managing advanced email-based threats and compliance risks.

The optimised solution allows organisations to classify and respond to threats and infection through automatic detection, verification and quarantine, while Proofpoint’s mechanized incident management features facilitate the efficient tracking of ongoing investigations for monitoring and audit purposes.




An end-to-end solution, it also provides end user awareness training on how to spot and report malicious e-mail attacks and social engineering attacks should they evade detection.

Stephen Bowes, head of technology, BSI, said: “The partnership with Proofpoint means we can reduce a client’s threat surface, by not only detecting threats but also learning from them, helping our clients to protect their people, data and reputation. The new solutions can observe patterns, behaviours, and the tools of each attack – making the next one easier to catch. Power is knowledge too, so equipping employees with the right skills to counter these threats is vital.”

BSI provides a range of solutions to help organisations address information challenges covering cybersecurity, information management and privacy, security awareness, compliance and testing.

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