Mark Brown, BSI

BSI bolsters data discovery capability with Exonar

Software gives single pane view of organisational data
Mark Brown, BSI

26 July 2021

Business improvement and standards company BSI has begun a partnership with data discovery firm Exonar to offer its clients the ability to address risk across their data portfolio through a single platform.

Exonar’s Reveal software is similar to Google’s Search in that it uses data discovery software to index the data organisations may not realise they have at scale. It discovers, identifies, and makes visible high-risk, sensitive, and valuable information hidden in structured and unstructured data.

“Digital trust is about instilling confidence in an organization, that empowers the people, the systems and the technology to ensure their safety, security, compliance, privacy and ethical requirements. Proficient discovery software capabilities like Exonar’s, ensures maximum data integrity and hygiene, safeguarding business and allowing clients to easily manage and access their data.” said Mark Brown, global managing director – cybersecurity & information resilience consulting services at BSI.




BSI’s client solutions are supplied through information security-minded practices that enable clients to protect their sensitive data and reduce the risk of threat to their people, reputation, and finances.

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