Bronagh Riordan appointed chair of CeADAR industry steering board

Primark data and analytics head first woman to hold this position
Bronagh Riordan, chair of CeADAR's Industry Steering Board

7 March 2022

Ireland’s Centre for Applied AI CeADAR has appointed Bronagh Riordan as the new chair of its industry steering board, making Riordan the first female chair of any technology centre in Ireland.

The technology centre programme is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland. There are eight technology centres in Ireland, including CeADAR, the Learnovate Centre, and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre.

Primark’s head of data & analytics, Riordan has 20 years of experience as a data professional delivering excellence through the utilisation of innovative analytics solutions and managing high-performance teams to unlock business value.  




Riordan’s knowledge of business and how companies can drive profitability through data and analytics will be of particular use to Cedar’s members.

Headquartered at Nexus CD, CeADAR is funded by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA. It has more than 90-member companies across a wide span of industries and is one of only 30 Digital Innovation Hubs across the EU focused specifically on delivering AI services to industry. 

CeADAR’s primary purpose is to bring innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics into companies to allow them to use the technology to build new/improved products and services, develop their in-house capacity in AI and to give them sustained competitive advantage. 

Riordan has been on CeADAR’s Industry Steering Board for the last three years and will now take over as its chair. The board supports the centre director in determining the overall vision and strategic direction for the organisation. 

In her current role, Riordan leads on delivering data and analytics strategy and solutions for Primark, and prior to this was director of the global analytics centre of excellence for Deutsche Bank and head of data science for Car Trawler.  

“I have seen enormous change across industry over the 20 years I have been working in this space, and the speed of this change is only accelerating,” said Riordan. “With the utilisation of data as a response to the pandemic and the related boom in digital, there is an increasing realisation that data, analytics and artificial intelligence is at the heart of these changes.”

“I am honoured to be taking up the mantle as chair of the CeADAR board and my role is to support the team at CeADAR with regards to its overall vision and strategic direction and to provide strong leadership to the board. I want to supercharge the board and leverage the experience of each individual member to help drive the centre’s innovation agenda.”

Riordan continued: “I am also very proud to be first female chair of any technology centre in Ireland, increasing the visibility and representation of women in critical technical data and analytics roles and pushing forward the diversity and inclusion agenda in this space.”

“We are delighted to appoint Bronagh as chair of our Industry Steering Board,” said CeADAR director Edward McDonnell. “Since she joined our board three years ago, she has brought her energy, enthusiasm and practical perspectives to the Board and we look forward to her tenure as CeADAR expands its national profile. CeADAR actively pursues diversity in its workforce, and we are delighted that such a high-calibre individual as Bronagh will chair the Board and be such a positive role model for everyone.”

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