Bring road warriors in from the cold, argues Exchequer’s Connor

Alan Connor, commercial director, Exchequer Software

7 February 2014

Despite mobile devices becoming a crucial tool for so many workers across Ireland, when it comes to fully integrating these smart phones, tablets and laptops into the company’s accounting infrastructure, there’s still a missing link for many businesses.

Your accounting system takes care of stock, ordering, finances, budgets and more, but then for most companies you’ll also you have a team out and about on the road, on different sites or even working from home. All working for your company, all using devices that should provide a direct link back to their workplace that makes their job, and your accounting processes, far easier.

Whether we’re speaking about carers in the HSE, a merchandiser, sales person, or service engineer, surveyor or even computer programmer, you want your employees to be connected, rather than see a black hole appearing where workers operate on a different plane to the rest of the company.

Why rely on promises of eventually getting an email or spreadsheet in at close of business each day containing client account details, sales figures or financial data? After which you can go through the laborious process of painstakingly putting every detail into your accounts.

One of Exchequer’s web solutions tackling these issues head on is eWorkflow. A suite of web-based approval modules designed to help manage your purchasing, expense and timesheet entry and approval processes in a more efficient manner, it’s a simple, but revolutionary step forward for your business.

Using a web browser, your team can efficiently carry out requisition and approval decisions, when working on-site, at home or out on the road. Data accuracy increases as time and expenses are recorded as they are incurred, rather than mobile and remote employees having to catch up with paperwork when back in the office.

Approvals are streamlined as eWorkflow automatically routes approvals to the appropriate authoriser, according to a consistent client-specific rules-based workflow. Managers and administrators can view and approve expenses online from any location, improving control and visibility. You can set multiple and tiered levels of authorisations by role, department, user or value.

“Using a web browser, your team can efficiently carry out requisition and approval decisions, when working on-site, at home or out on the road”

Then there’s integrated scanning and archiving of supporting documentation such as invoices and receipts, flexible reports, a management dashboard and the ability to set alerts, and scan invoices or receipts during the approval process. They integrate seamlessly with your Exchequer solution, meaning that data only ever needs to be entered once.

In addition, we offer a number of customer portals which allow our clients customers to view their account details whenever needed. This means that, as users, whether they are employees, project managers or clients, log on to the system they are presented with the information and options which are relevant to them.

Those out on the road, working from home or dealing with clients on site will see their workflow processes dramatically improve.

Where once it was out of sight, out of mind (or at least out of the office, out of mind), now we can help businesses to manage expenditure before it happens so you have full control over any commitments by employees.


Alan Connor is commercial director of Exchequer Software Ireland.

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