Blueface claims 90% call savings with Banter


1 April 2011

Internet telephony provider Blueface has developed a new app which gives iPhone users a ‘virtual landline number’ with the potential to produce call savings of up to 90%.

The app, Banter, eliminates the need for residential and business customers to pay line rental fees, saving an average of €25 per month.

Once users download the app and enter their details they are given a virtual geographic number depending on their desired location (Dublin 01, Galway 091, Cork 021 etc), and their account is credited with 50c free trial credit. Users can then make and receive calls from the virtual landline number via their iPhone handset.

To make a call using Banter, users can access their iPhone address book through the app and select a contact. When the user presses ‘call’ the app sends a message to the Blueface hub to call the user first and, once answered, call the person they wish to contact.




Blueface CEO Alan Foy (pictured) said: “We identified a gap in the business and residential marketplace for a cost saving app that can provide the option of a landline number without the line rental fee. While small entrepreneurial businesses need to provide customers with a landline number, they can do without the extra costs associated with a landline contract. Simlarly, 30% of the residential population of Ireland no longer have a landline, but often do not wish to make expensive calls from their mobile phones. The Blueface Banter App provides a solution to all these needs.”

The Blueface Banter App is free to download and is available now on the iTunes store.

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